Body Contour

Instantly slim stubborn fat areas. Tighten skin.

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What you should know

What Are the Available Contour Treatments?

Fat Reduction
Concentrate on areas of stubborn fat, see immediate results.

Cellulite Reduction
Reduces appearance of cellulite by reducing fat deposits and smoothing out the dimples.

Slim and Tighten

Great for tightening and firming of skin specifically to the face, neck and jowl. Gives definition while promoting collagen and elastin.

What Are the Benefits of Contour Treatment?

A great alternative to liposuction, Instasculpt uses painless sound waves that melt away stubborn fat in any body part. Members report instant reduction immediately after treatment. This device also offers cellulite reduction. Using a specialized handpiece, cellulite is broken down and smoothed out to reduce dimpling. In addition, the Radio Frequency (RF) handpiece tightens skin to further contour the treated area.

How Does It Work?

The Vacuum Bipolar RF device, used for Cellulite Reduction treatment, helps with smoothing out cellulite, while tightening lax skin. The 40K Cavitation helps break down stubborn fat and shrinks fat cells. By breaking the cell wall, it causes the fat cell to drain and be discharged through urine. This is why it is important to be thoroughly hydrated after each treatment for maximum results.

The Multipolar and Tripolar RF devices stimulate collagen and elastin production to lift and tighten loose skin and minimize fine lines. Many members report instant results, however the process of fat removal continues for a few days. Best results are seen when treated weekly for 6 to 8 weeks.

Who is a Good Candidate?

FDA approved technology, Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation is generally safe for most people, but is not a replacement for a healthy diet and exercise routine. It is designed to reshape body parts and reduce localized fat from stubborn areas. The most problematic body areas include: abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), thighs (“saddle bags”), buttocks, and upper arms.

These treatments achieve best results when paired with a healthy diet, exercise and proper hydration.

What Can I Expect?

You may experience a light tingling or warm sensation around your treatment area. The procedure is generally pain free and you can immediately resume daily activities. Fat cells are destroyed and do not come back. For best results, combine treatment with a balanced diet and exercise for long-lasting results. You’ll be advised to hydrate as much as possible to help your body flush out the fatty cells. It is common to experience bruising, redness and mild discomfort after Cellulite Reduction Treatment. It typically takes 1 week for bruising to resolve.

Results vary from person to person, but generally results are shown to appear within 1-3 treatments. Most patients see dramatic results after their first treatment.


What you should know

Body Contour

Useful information


30 minutes per body part


Weekly Treatment
Up to 2 treatments at one time + Quarterly Maintenance

How to Prepare?

Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Care Instructions

Pre-Treatment Care

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated the day before treatment (at least 2 liters or 64 oz of water).

Shave area of treatment the night before treatment.

Post-Treatment Care

Use ice packs covered in clean, soft cloth to reduce any swelling, stiffness and bruising resulting from treatment.

Engage in 15 minutes of light exercise, such as walking, within 6 hours post-treatment to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated (at least 2 liters or 64 oz of water).

Avoid alcohol for 24 hours post-treatment.

Do not use a spa or saunas for 48 hours post-treatment.

Do not engage in strenuous exercise for 24 hours post-treatment. The body needs to recover so that the liver can remove extruded fatty acids and toxins.


Possible side effects

These are the most common side effects that patients usually experience after undergoing the treatment:

Swelling, redness to the treated areas that may last 2-3 days

Stiffness and bruising to the treated areas that may last 2-3 days


Possible side effects

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